Marks Appraisals and Estate Sales

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Quotes After my husbands death and being avid collectors for over 40 years, I needed to clear out the house to get it on the market. Not only did Marks Appraisal and Estate Sales clear out the personal property, find and return to me over $500, and leave the house in good order, but, THE HOUSE SOLD IN TWO WEEKS. The listing agent had not been able to sell it for a year. The volume of people that saw my cute, little house had that one buyer. Thank you Glenda and Randy. I will always remember you and how kind and helpful you were. Quotes
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Quotes What a perfect ending to a perfectly orchestrated sale; no stress, no mess, no stuff! From start to finish, Marks Appraisals and Estate Sales were professional, calm, communicative, friendly and discreet. We received our proceeds from the sale within a week, and were very pleased with the results. I would highly recommend Marks Appraisals and Estate Sales and team to anyone looking to do what we did, or to anyone looking to empty a household for any reason. They took all the stress out of this situation for me and my family, and I appreciate them so much. I would be happy to discuss my experience with anyone at [email protected] or 704/995-2395. Kelley Trott Quotes
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